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Contacts Collection Endpoint

Use this endpoint to retrieve (GET) contacts in the user's account, or to create (POST) a new contact.


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Privileges: contacts:read

Retrieves one or more contacts in the account, depending on the query parameters used:

  • All contacts in a user's account (no query parameters used)
  • A specific contact specified by the email query parameter
    • URL encode the email address, as with all query parameters values, to ensure proper system response.
    • The API is not able to return a contact by email address call if a contact's email address has been deleted in the product UI. 
  • Only the contacts that have been modified on or after the date/time specified by the modified_since query parameter. This is useful for syncing contacts across applications.
  • Only the contacts with a status specified by the status query parameter.

GET: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/contacts

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